Di4 e.V.

Community fo the promotion of digital infrastructures, investments, innovation and industry


Business users   


Infrastructure builders

Manufacturer, Turnkey Provider, Planner

Infrastructure operators

Network operators, Campus/WOWI, Platforms, OPCO, ServCo



Banks, Infrastructure Investors, Private Equity, Venture Capital

Membership & Benefits

Any Company, clubs, association, organization or any legally competent natural person who identifies with the goals of the community can become a member.

Membership costs 250€ for a natural person and 2000€ for companies. The corporate membership includes 3 tickets for the Di²-Summit in value of approximately 3000€. For individual members, the membership fee will be offset against admission to the Di²-Summit. 

In addition, each member has the right to vote at the general meeting.

Association structure

The association consists of

  • A presidium, consisting of the president and at least 2 vice-presidents as well as further members of the presidium
  • Cash auditor, independent of the executive committee, to control the funds used
  • Administrative Office

In addition, the work of the association is shaped by working groups.

The work in the community is done on a voluntary basis.


Membership application

Di4 Membership Application