Connected Germany 2022

Connected Germany now taking place on 

March, 5th – 6th 2022
in Mainz Congress, Mainz

Connected Germany brings together more than 600 industry leaders from across the German connectivity ecosystem to provide two days of insights into the most important topics of the digital infrastructure landscape in Germany.

With over 500 delegates and 120 speakers, Connected Germany will provide a forum where leading experts, decision makers, suppliers, investors, companies and others can exchange ideas, discover perspectives and form partnerships.

Connected Germany focuses on 4 Main Topics

  • Plenary
  • Gigabit Germany
  • Industry 4.0
  • Digital Society

Thomas Langer at Connected Germany 2022

Come see Thomas Langer live on April 5th
At 15:10 Thomas Langer will moderate a talk together with Jens Müller (Deutsche Glasfaser), Jens Prautzsch (Unsere Grüne Glasfaser) and Arno Wilfert (Deutsche Giga Access) on the following topic:

Funding fibre: investment models and opportunities
Gigabit Germany
  • Joint ventures: a new paradigm for fibre investment?
  • Consolidation, competition, collaboration: how will market dynamics evolve?
  • Expanded ecosystems: will the need for increasing investment see increased opportunities for new players within fibre?
  • Where should federal funding best be targeted?

Visit the Connected Germany 2022 Website to learn more about the event!
To learn more about the upcoming event, visit the Connected Germany 2022 Website or register right now!