Di4 Pre-Workshop 2023 – Madrid

Join us for an Afternoon Workshop starting at 2 PM (location tbd in Madrid) and a Networking Dinner on the day prior to the FTTH Conference 2023 (18. – 20. April) on the topic of

Green Digital Infrastructure: Focusing Data Centers & Taxonomy

Digital Infrastructure and Data Centers are an enabler for digitalization and economic growth. However, this comes at a price: Energy consumption and CO2 emissions.
The workshop focuses current the tradeoff between Digital Infrastructure Investment vs. Decarbonization, as well as related measurement & taxonomy.

Focus areas of the discourse are

        • Digital Infrastructure as enabler for Growth vs. Decarbonization
          • Data Center Expansion vs. CO2 Reduction
          • Decarbonization & DI Investment
          • Spillover Effects
          • Scale vs. Scope: Hyperscaler vs. Local Edge
          • Connectivity, and (local) business models
          • Enabler for CO2-free Society
        • Taxonomy
          • Measurement & Controlling
          • Impact
          • Comparability
          • Safety & Security
          • Globalization vs. Regionalization & European Souveranity

The discussion will shed light into the question of how to foster and boost European Growth and a Green Society with Digital Infrastructure Investment and related taxonomy.

Call for Content and Participation

The workshop is explorative. Participants are engaged to actively participate in the workshop with own examples and case studies.
If you are interested in contributing content or participating in the workshop, please contact office@diiii.net.

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