Di4 @ CMG aggfa “FTTH – und weiter?” 2023

3 October 2023, 9 am – 5 pm
EVN-Forum, Maria Enzendorf, Austria

Aus “FTTH” wird “Fiber für alles”

“FTTH – und weiter” discusses important questions regarding the future use and financing of the fiber optic networks that are now being created, which are trend-setting for the entire industry, such as

The future of Fiber Networks and its uses

So far the main task of fiber optic networks has been seen as the connection between POPs and households or companies. But that is changing dramatically. 

The financing of fiber optic networks in economically uncertain times

Labor shortages, high inflation and declining economic growth characterize the environment for the expansion of fiber optic networks. At the same time Keywords such as sustainability, CO2 reduction, fair trade, environmental protection and human rights are becoming increasingly important in business life. The Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance criteria were developed for companies and investors. These “ESG” criteria are designed to be embedded in a company’s strategy and consider the needs and opportunities for value creation for all of the company’s stakeholders (such as employees, customers, suppliers and financiers)” (Source: Wikipedia). The implementation of these ESG criteria is prescribed by conditions.

Di4 @ CMG aggfa “FTTH – und weiter” 2023

We are happy to announce that Di4 will be  represented by Thomas Langer, Vice President of Di4, who will be part of the CMG aggfa “FTTH- und weiter?” 2023 as a Speaker! 


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