Working Groups


With the shift to electric propulsion,
the charging infrastructure is moving into focus. 
The working group is focusing on the interface of technology infrastructures and the automotive industry.

German Mittelstand & Media

Science & Digital education

Job profiles of a digitalized working world, challenges of virtual leadership as well as the workplace of the future are potential topics for exchange in this working group. 


Digitalization and technological change like the Environmental Social Governance/sustainability, are among the key macro drivers for investors when making long-term investment decisions.

Debt financing

Product and Pricing



Technologies like 5G are not only driving investments into fiber and cell phone towers but also in edge computing and decentralized data centers.


With the emergence of a second, virtual reality, digital counterparts to analogous phenomena arise.

Legal Innovation

The legal sector is not exempt from the pervasiveness of digitalization in all industries. 

Strategic Marketing & Pricing

Invests in German fibre cable networks has increased significantly, nevertheless customers often use existing Broadband offerings from incumbents so far.