BUGLAS (Bundesverband Glasfaseranschluss) is the German federal association for optical fiber access. Founded in 2009, BUGLAS has ever since been promoting Fiber to the Building/Home (FTTB/H) as the only future-proof and sustainable broadband access technology to meet the ever-increasing demand for high bandwidths. Many of BUGLAS’s 85 member companies have been deploying fibre-access for households, enterprises and mobile access points in Germany since 1999 and they are the main drivers of fiber roll-out in Germany: As of today (December 2017) they have provided about 70 % of the whole hitherto existing FttB/H-coverage. BUGLAS aims for predictable legislative and regulatory framework conditions which grant infrastructure competition and allow the necessary long-term investments into FTTB/H-networks. More Information: www.buglas.de